The Exploring Pathway is designed to be a home for any sharp resident who is still discerning a long-term career pathway. The primary goals of this avenue are to provide residents with various exposures to different career choices, styles and options. Moreover, for future pediatricians who may envision their careers to include a few different turns, the Exploring Pathway can offer the right flexibility for discovery and mentorship in numerous settings. The Exploring track continues to offer academically rigorous Noon Conferences, directed guest speakers and mentorship on making purposeful elective choices. Importantly, the Exploring Pathway seeks to not compete with any of the other pathway organized lectures or recommendations, but rather serve as an entry way and home to residents who continue to examine and explore the many evolving career options for future pediatricians.

CHP Personalized Mentoring Program

All of our mentoring programs are designed to help each resident develop goals and meet them successfully. The network of mentors provides guidance throughout residency and on into fellowship and the professional lives of our graduates.