Hospitalist Medicine is the most rapidly growing specialty within pediatrics. This pathway will train pediatric residents to practice in both large academic settings, as well as community hospitals, and residents will accrue the breadth of knowledge and range of skills necessary to be a hospitalist. The pathway consists of six months of individualized learning in both specialty and general practice from rotations that include working one on one with a hospitalist, sedation and procedures, surgical and medical specialties, radiology, delivery room, newborn nursery, ancillary services, discharge management, billing, coding and finances. Hospitalist mentors have extensive experience managing both acute and chronic illnesses, with a focus on physical exam, diagnostic skills, communication and working within multi-disciplinary teams.

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CHP Personalized Mentoring Program

All of our mentoring programs are designed to help each resident develop goals and meet them successfully. The network of mentors provides guidance throughout residency and on into fellowship and the professional lives of our graduates.