Kristina Gaietto

Kristina Gaietto | Pediatric Resident
PL-3 Resident

Hometown: Tiffin, OH

College/Medical School: Miami University/ University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

Hobbies/Interests: Tennis, college football, reading, trivia, cooking

Travels/Languages: I’ve been to Ireland, which was BEAUTIFUL, but nowhere else abroad…yet. In high school I took Spanish for 4 years (I don’t remember much) and in college I took Arabic for two years (also don’t remember much).

An Interesting Fact About Yourself: My hometown, “Tiffin” means “second breakfast” which is very fitting since I love eating!

Why Did You Choose UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh: I couldn’t stop thinking about this place after I interviewed, which is especially remarkable since this was one of my later interviews and a lot of things were running together at that point. There was an energy here-it felt so academic yet so down to earth and fun! It was somewhere at which I could easily see myself loving the next three years.