Cristin McDermott, MD

No Picture in Find A Doc
PL-5 Triple Board Resident

Hometown: Westport, Conn.

College/Medical School: Georgetown University ’07/University of Connecticut School of Medicine ‘12

Hobbies/Interests: Good friends, good food, good fun…which includes: soccer, tennis, crew, flag football, dodgeball, (really any intramural sport), skiing, cooking, baking, singing in the car, TED talks, traveling, karaoke, anything written by Fitzgerald, J.K. Rowling or Hemingway.

Travels/Languages: Working on hitting all the continents! A few favorites: France, Spain, Ireland, China and India. As for languages, Spanish works, and I’m looking forward to keeping up on it and learning more!

Other:  Guilty pleasures include: ice breakers, "Call Me Maybe," Saved By the Bell, Roundhouse, and gummy bears…among others.

Likes About Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC: 

  1. The people 
  2. The people 
  3. You get the picture 
  4. Pop Stop milkshakes 
  5. In a word…everything