Pediatric Transplant Volumes

The Hillman Center for Pediatric Transplantation is one of the most active transplant centers in the United States. Since our program began, we've performed more than 3,300 transplants on children in need of life-saving organs.

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Total Transplants

112 in 2015

3,206 through 12/31/2014

Abdominal Transplant Volumes

We're one of the most active pediatric transplant centers in the nation, having performed more than 1,800 abdominal transplants, including liver, liver/kidney, living-donor liver, liver/small bowel, small bowel/multivisceral.

Transplant Type 2016 Program Inception Through 12/31/2015
Liver and Liver/Kidney 21 1,408
Living-Donor Liver 11 126
Liver/Small Bowel 0 113
Small Bowel/Multivisceral 3 151
Subtotal 35 1,798

Heart and Lung Transplant Volumes

Transplant Type 2016 Program Inception Through 12/31/2015
Heart 11 321
Lung 1 86
Heart/Lung 0 49
Subtotal 12 456

Kidney Transplant Volumes

We've helped hundreds of children in need of kidney transplants, making Children's one of the most active kidney transplant centers in the country. Our team also performed the world’s first living-related pediatric kidney/bone marrow transplant.

Transplant Type 2016 Program Inception Through 12/31/2015
Living-Donor Kidney 11 208
Deceased-Donor Kidney 8 312
Subtotal 19 520

Blood and Marrow Transplant Volumes

Transplant Type


Program Inception Through
Allo Blood and Marrow









Sources: Internal data, Hillman Center for Pediatric Transplantation; Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients (, June 2017 release.