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Living-Donor Liver Transplant:
A Life-Saving Option

Living-donor liver transplants give hope to children in need. Living donation is a lifesaving procedure that eliminates wait times and offers a child a new chance at life.

Benefits of a Living-Donor Liver Transplant include:

  • Reduced wait time on the donor transplant waitlist
  • A child can receive the transplant before his or her liver disease has progressed to a severe stage
  • As a donor, you have the benefit of knowing that you have contributed to a young child’s life in a very meaningful way

With a living-donor liver transplant, you can donate a portion of your liver, and it will regenerate, or grow back, in months.

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UPMC and Donate Life America Partnership

UPMC has teamed up with Donate Life America to raise awareness of living donation for kidney and liver transplants. Join the conversation by following us on Facebook today.