Jay Kolls, MD

Jay Kolls, MD
Principal Investigator


  • 1985 MD, University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore, Md.


  • 1993 Fellowship, Louisiana State University Affiliated Hospitals, New Orleans, La.
  • 1989 Residency, Louisiana State University Affiliated Hospitals, New Orleans, La.

Research Interests

The major research goal of Principal Investigator Jay Kolls, MD, is to investigate mechanisms of lung host defenses in normal and immunocompromised hosts. Presently, he is investigating how IL-23 and IL-17 regulate neutrophil recruitment in response to infectious stimuli in the lung. To this end, he studies cellular sources of IL-17A, IL-17F, and IL-22 in the lung and liver as well as their signaling in response to pulmonary infection or hepatitis.

Dr. Kolls also has long-standing interests in determining if Th17 cells and their cytokine products contribute to airway destruction in cystic fibrosis, and in understanding cytokine biology in the lung through over-expression or dominant negative inhibitor strategies using somatic gene transfer. In these studies, he has identified that sub-populations of CD8+ T cells polarized in vivo via cytokine gene transfer have effector activity against P. carinii.

Dr. Kolls is presently using gene expression profiling and proteomics to define this effector activity. He also has a program in developing a CD4-independent vaccination against AIDS-related opportunistic infections.