The Konnikova Lab

Mucosal Immune Development

The research laboratory of Liza Konnikova, MD, is focused on understanding how neonatal mucosal immunity develops and its role in the pathogenesis of diverse diseases such as sepsis, preterm labor, necrotizing enterocolitis and very early onset IBD.

To improve our understanding of mucosal immunity, her team uses a number of single-cell based techniques, including mass cytometry or CyTOF to understand diverse interactions between the immune and epithelial components of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract both during development, from fetal to adult tissue, as well as in disease. Broadly, the team is interested at how GI and mucosal immunity develops and how its dysregulation leads to disease.

To better elucidate causes of preterm labor, Dr. Konnikova’s lab is applying these techniques to gain a better understanding of placental immune development from first to third trimester.

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