Developing a Pipeline of Simultaneously Analyzing CyTOF and Clinical Data

CyTOF is an innovative approach that combines both mass spectrometry and cytometry providing the ability to detect up to 40 antigens in a single sample at a single cell resolution. This technique is ideal for identifying rare functionally distinct subpopulations of cells and to compare them between different conditions. It has been successfully used in a number of settings including detection of extremely rare metastasis in peripheral blood.

To visualize the complex multidimensional data produced by CyTOF, a number of algorithms have been developed. However, there are no commercially available pipelines to automatically define computer-generated clustering or to associate clinical data such as disease phenotype, patient age, and sex, with the clustering.

In collaboration with George Tseng, ScD, from the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health, we are working on building such a pipeline.

CyTOF: Single Cell Analysis of >40 Parameters