The Maricich Lab

The Maricich Lab

Understanding Disorders of Sensation

The Maricich LabUnder the direction of Stephen M. Maricich, MD, PhD, researchers within the Maricich Laboratory of the Richard King Mellon Foundation Institute for Pediatric Research are gaining a better understanding the molecular signals that control formation of the sensory system and how developmental derangements can affect behavior.

Disorders of sensation are inherent to a variety of inherited and acquired human diseases. In the lab, current research initiatives are focused on two key areas – central deafness, particularly as it relates to developmental disruptions within the central nervous system, and touch sensation through the examination of specialized sensory receptors found within the skin.

The initiatives of the Maricich lab will help to gain insight into the pathogenesis of a broad range of human diseases and ultimately discovery of novel therapeutic strategies to treat them.

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