Diane Hupp, RN, MSN

Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer

How long have worked at UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh an as a nurse?

My entire career - almost 20 years - has been with Children's.

Briefly describe your current role in Children's nursing leadership.

Vice president and chief nursing officer. I am responsible for leading the nursing and patient care division to assure we provide safe and quality care to all of our patients and families.

Where did you earn your nursing degree?

I earned a bachelor's of science degree in nursing from Duquesne University.

Do you have any advanced degrees?

I have a master's degree in nursing also from Duquesne University.

At what point in your life did you know you wanted to become a nurse and why?

I had a calling to be in nursing during my second year of college. I always loved helping others and when I assumed a volunteer position at Children's during college, I knew it was the place I wanted to work when I graduated.

As a nursing administrator, what do you miss about bedside nursing?

I miss the direct patient care. Although there are days when as an administrator you make a difference in a child and family's life, the bedside nurse is absolutely the most fulfilling.

In your opinion, what's the hardest thing for a new nurse to learn?

Prioritizing and delegating work as well as recognizing how much the little things, (such as extra touch, care and compassion), make such a difference to the children and their families.

What makes working with children so rewarding/fulfilling?

It truly is the difference a pediatric nurse can make in the life of a child and family. Although pediatric nursing is a challenging career, there is no greater reward than being a part of improving the health and well-being of children each and every day... the smiles, the hugs, the many thanks... it is hard to image another career that is so gratifying.

How has nursing changed today compared to when you first started?

The acuity and complexity of patients has increased significantly as well as the involvement of the family in the child's care. In addition, the continued medical and technical advancements enable nurses to continue to progress in their careers.