Adolescent Medicine Fellowship Community Engagement & Advocacy


Our fellows are engaged with our team in advocacy and community engagement

  • They are exposed to opportunities to participate in state and national legislative advocacy
  • In-services to school nurses and administrators about adolescent health topics
  • Lectures and health information at community and school fairs
  • Writing blogs for parents and adolescents about relevant health topics
  • Providing content expertise to community programs that serve teens (including the public library, YMCA, Urban League)
  • Preparing guidelines for schools on health topics (such as adolescent sleep, transgender care)
  • Supporting youth involved in the Youth Research Advisory Board or the CHANGE transition services program (Children's Hospital Advisory Network for Guidance and Empowerment)
Community Engagement Adolescent Medicine Fellowship Community Engagement & Advocacy 

Learn more about the current Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine fellows community engagement and advocacy (PDF).