Eleanor Sharp, MD

Eleanor Sharp, MD

Hometown: I was born in Bangkok, Thailand but raised in Atlanta, Georgia.

College/Medical School: University of Georgia/University of Virginia School of Medicine

Residency: Pediatrics, UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh

Career/Research Interests:

  • Medical education and curriculum development
  • Health systems research, transitions of care in hospitalized patients
  • Allyship and gender equity in academic medicine

Hobbies/Interests: Marathon running (any type of running!), listening to podcasts, biking over Pittsburgh’s gorgeous bridges, obsessing over different types of office supplies, amateur photography, traveling, and spending time with my family, my friends, and my dog

S.O./Married/Kids/Pets: I live with my significant other, Kevin, and our perfect golden retriever, Stella.

Travels/Languages: I was born in Bangkok, Thailand and I have been fortunate enough to travel to Europe (France, Italy, Spain, Ireland, and Greece), Cambodia, South Africa, Australia, Fiji, Belize, Mexico, and the British Virgin Islands…but sadly, I only speak English and a tiny bit of Spanglish.

Likes About UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh: After completing residency at UPMC Children's Hospital, I knew I could never find a better ‘work family’ than the Pediatric Hospital Medicine division here in Pittsburgh. The culture of the entire hospital is so uplifting and supportive, the faculty are brilliant yet incredibly approachable (and always open to acquiring new mentees!), and the hospital really is part of the community. The camaraderie amongst attendings and trainees of all levels and specialties represents a genuine investment in the shared goal of improving the lives of children and families.  Plus, I’ve gotten quite attached to the Dole whip from the Koala café!