Grace Slater, MD

Grace N. Slater MD

Hometown: Bolingbrook, IL

College/Medical School: North Central College/University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria

Residency: Pediatrics, Medical College of Wisconsin

Career/Research Interests:

  • Quality Improvement
  • Cultural Health Disparities
  • Incorporating machine learning and AI into diagnostic medical care
  • Care of hospitalized patients with significant neurologic impairment

Honors/Awards: Gold Humanism Honor Society Member



  • Slater, G.N., Lobe, D., Freedman, M., Tarchichi, T., (Accepted for July 2020). Another case of Bronchiolitis? Cue the eye-roll. Clinical Conundrum E-Poster. Virtual National Pediatric Hospital Medicine Conference.
  • Slater, G.N., Hahn, D., (Accepted for July 2020) Breaking Down the Differential: Correcting our inborn errors of judgement. Clinical Conundrum E-Poster. Virtual National Pediatric Hospital Medicine Conference. 

Current Scholarly Projects

  • Steroid Effect in Respiratory disorders, UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA|, May 2020 – Present
    Using local hospital data to determine if the use of steroids in pharyngitis has an association with development of retropharyngeal abscess in children. Currently developing IRB for initiation of data reacquisition.
  • Steroid Treatment for Retropharyngeal Abscess, PRIS Database, October 2020 – Present
    Using the PRIS database we are looking at the effects of Steroid treatment on children with retropharyngeal abscess. Current outcomes are interest are progression to surgery, length or stay, readmission and cost of care amount other outcomes.
  • CHP VIEW, UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, September 2019 – Present
    I am helping to develop a prediction tool using machine learning algorithms based on electronic health record to identify patients at high risk of decompensation in the next 6 hours. Prediction score is based on that patients past and current information and continues to improve with increasing data. CHP view is set to deploy in the children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh in mid July 2020. 
  • Health Disparities QI, UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, August 2019 – Present 
    Working to increase access to language appropriate health care for Limited English Proficency patients and their families by improved identification of this population and introduction the use of video interpretive serveries.

Career Goals: Academic Pediatric Hospital Medicine and Palliative Care


  • Andrew McCormick, MD, FAAP
  • John Szymusiak, MD, MS
  • Melissa M. Tavarez, MD, MS
  • Erika Friehling, MD
  • Matt Hall, PhD

Hobbies/Interests: I love to run, hike and play soccer. I also love some lower intensity activities like baking, quilting, knitting and photography. Of course, I also love to veg out on the couch now and then, My shows of choice range from superhero shows like ‘One punch Man’ to the reality TV of ‘Titian Games’.

S.O./Married/Kids/Pets: I am married to a Mechanical Engineer. We have 2 dogs: a 5 year old lab/bulldog and a 1 year old Chavachon.

Travels/Languages: I love to travel. My favorite places that I have been are Japan and Tanzania. I speak a very little bit of both Swahili and American Sign Language. 

Likes About UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh: The family like atmosphere of the residents and faculty.