Why UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh?

Read what our fellows and faculty are saying about the Fellowship Program.


Sandra Kim, MD

“I came to UPMC Children’s for a few reasons:

  1. The high caliber colleagues I would be joining: what impressed me even more was the fact that these truly intelligent, excellent physicians were humble and consummate team players;
  2. The opportunity to augment a clinical program that had done incredibly well due to existing leadership, and
  3. The chance to mentor the next generation of academics pediatric gastroenterologists in multiple areas: clinical care, quality improvement, research, and advocacy.

Other things:

  • The vibrant nature of a city that continues to grow.
  • As a foodie, I have truly enjoyed the restaurant scene in Pittsburgh, especially Lawrenceville.
  • As someone who was a former concert pianist and has always loved the arts, I was excited to take advantage of all facets of the fine arts: the Carnegie Museums, the Pittsburgh Symphony, the theater/plays.”

Jeffrey Rudolph, MD

"I was attracted to UPMC Children’s Hospital for the opportunity to lead a unique program (ICARE) that encompassed my area of interest. The trust and familiarity with the leadership of the GI division was a factor in my decision, not to mention that my extended family lives in Pittsburgh."

Dale King, MD

“I stayed because of the supportive atmosphere of the division, it’s record of steady growth and diversification, and the collegial environment.”

Whitney Sunseri, MD

“The Division has a family feel. Yes, it is known for its innovative medicine and world renown physicians however for me the real decision maker was how everyone is approachable, supportive, and kind. I found these to be invaluable attributes as a trainee and felt it would continue to help me learn and grow as a Junior Faculty member.”