Current General Academic Pediatrics Fellows' Research

Anne-Marie Rick, MD, MPH

Training: Johns Hopkins University (MD, MPH)
Primary mentor: Debra Bogen, MD
Research focus: Dr. Rick is developing predictive models of pediatric sepsis from birth to the end of the first year of life to reduce unnecessary antibiotic use. Her research is responsive to the CDC health priority to reduce unnecessary antibiotic use by “identifying and promoting the widespread use of diagnostic testing and reporting strategies that effectively facilitate appropriate use of antimicrobial drugs in routine practice”.


Lauren Goldberg, MD

Training: University of Central Florida (MD)
Primary mentor: Debra Bogen, MD
Research focus: Dr. Goldberg's goal is to prevent inappropriate weight gain in children and adolescents from birth to 19 years by addressing gaps between pediatric health care, schools, and community-based programs. She is partnering with our hospital’s community engagement team on a number of projects: 1) evaluating how community pediatricians can better partner with school nurses to promote child health, 2) evaluating school health policies and practices currently in place in Pittsburgh Schools, and 3) improving nutrition label health literacy to empower children and families make healthy beverage choices with The Sugar Show.