Laura Grezzo, MD

Laura Grezzo, MD

Hometown: Bethlehem, PA

College/Medical School: University of Pittsburgh/Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine

Career Goals: I see myself in a primarily clinical role at an academic center, specific areas of interest TBD. 

Hobbies/Interests: I love baking and cooking. I am a great plant mom to my various house plants. 

Travels/Languages: I have been blessed to go on many vacations to the Caribbean and Mexico with my large family consisting of 30+ aunts/uncles/cousins/etc. 

An Interesting Fact About YourselfI have never broken a bone.

More About Me: I’ve been interested in the brain/neurology since high school, and was pretty sure I would end up in neurology. I quickly realized how much better I get along with kids (we have similar humor), and so here I am in child neurology!

Why Did You Choose UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh: I knew I wanted to go to a center that has many well-represented subspecialties within child neuro since I’m really unsure of what specific interests I’ll develop (and am quite indecisive at baseline). I also had a wonderful interview day on both the pediatrics and child neurology side. I knew I would fit in well here, and there seemed to be such good comradery between residents and attendings. Not to mention, Pittsburgh is such a fun city with a lot to do!