Christy Lucas, MD

Christy Lucas, MD

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

College/Medical School: University of Notre Dame/Penn State College of Medicine

Hobbies/Interests: Baking/eating cookies, searching for the best ice cream, tap dancing, painting, Netflix and naps, DiSalla’s pizza and Triangle hoagies

Travels/Languages: My favorite place that I’ve traveled to is Molokai, Hawaii./German (basic)

An Interesting Fact About Yourself: I cannot ride a bike without training wheels. 

Why Did You Choose UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh: Children’s is home and has felt that way since my days as a Child Life volunteer on 6A/6E in college. That feeling of “home” comes from the people at UPMC Children's Hospital, who embody the spirit of Pittsburgh with their kindness, grit, and willingness to go above and beyond to help you, at every level of the hospital. I am very grateful to be home, closer to my family, and able to give back to the city that made me, me as a Pediatrician.