Jacob Pickle, MD

Jacob Pickle, MD
Pediatric Anesthesia Resident

Hometown: Allentown, PA

College/Medical School: Villanova University/Temple LKSOM

Hobbies/Interests: Sports (playing basketball, soccer, lacrosse, golf, and routing for Philadelphia teams)

Travels/Languages: Favorite trips have been London, Ireland, and Amsterdam. I speak Spanish, (slowly) learning Polish and Greek.

An Interesting Fact About Yourself: Surprisingly enough, I am not the only “Pickle” in the UPMC family. I am also related to the Children’s author Judy Blume.

Why Did You Choose UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh: It provided an ideal combination of top tier academics and clinic exposure, and a community and leadership group fully committed to supporting one another. Its also one of only a handful of institutions with the combined Pediatrics-Anesthesiology Program.