Danielle Gordon, MD

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College/Medical School: Boston University/ American University of Antigua College of Medicine

Research Project: My current research interests include utility of neuro/biofeedback to improve cognitive flexibility in children with epilepsy/ADHD/autism/learning differences, structural brain and adaptive skill differences between females and males with autism, the use of neurogenetics in autism research, how parenting styles affect cognitive development/adaptive skills/quality of life in NICU babies, and long term cognitive impact of pediatric stroke.

Career Goals: I would like to be a developmental neurologist and pediatrician for kiddos with neurodevelopmental disabilities, learning differences, and behavioral issues.  

More About Me: I am originally from Raleigh, North Carolina, but have been a lifelong Steeler fan and have many wonderful memories of the city while visiting my grandparents and sisters. Applying to UPMC was a natural decision due to my personal family ties, but it was further cemented during my interview day while meeting the faculty, staff, and residents. There's a natural, organic camaraderie within our UPMC Child Neurology family and it is truly a second home. The city of Pittsburgh has evolved throughout the years and has become a nice hub for young professionals. It has all the amenities of a "big city" and the quaintness of a "city-burb" with it's unique neighborhoods and green landscape. There's something for everyone in Pittsburgh! 

Why Did You Choose UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh: I chose UPMC Children’s Hospital because the minute I walked in on my interview day, the program leadership was extremely welcoming and honestly having a great time! And the residents were the same, and I felt very welcomed and at home.