Shannon Bowser – Epilepsy

Learn more about Shannon's experience with Epilepsy at Children's Hospital.

Shannon Bowser, an otherwise healthy 15-year-old, suddenly began experiencing seizures. She was diagnosed with epilepsy and lived for two years with seizures. Shannon experienced some seizures where she was unable to move or speak, but others were full-body seizures.

Anti-seizure medication did not guarantee that she would live seizure free. The Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery team at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC implanted electrodes in Shannon’s brain. This innovative brain surgery pinpoints the microscopic-sized area of the brain causing epileptic seizures in children. That area of the brain is then removed.

Since the epilepsy focus mapping surgery in February 2010, Shannon, has been living seizure-free.

Watch a video of Shannon’s story, "Mapping the Brain", from WQED Pittsburgh’s OnQ.

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