Your First Visit to the Congenital Ear Center

Here is what will happen during your first visit to the Congenital Ear Center:

First, you will be greeted by the medical assistants, who will ask the reason for your visit and weigh your child. Then, you will fill out a medical history form.

You will then meet the doctors. A full medical history and physical exam of the head and neck will be performed, and x-rays, hearing tests, or lab tests may be ordered.

The doctors will discuss your child's problem and explain the timing and options for medical and surgical management. Additional tests, follow-up office visits, or surgery may be scheduled, depending on the type of problem and the child's age.

What to Bring

Please bring any old medical records for your child, including:

  • Office visit records
  • Lab results
  • The actual copies of any CT scans, x-rays, or MRIs. We would like the actual films and discs and not just the reports.