2011 Research in the News

View news clips below featuring the research, staff and advancements at UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh’s John G. Rangos Sr. Research Center.

Newsmaker: Dr. David Hackam 
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (12/19/2011)

Artificial intestines near reality 
Discovery News (12/16/2011)

Husband & Wife Doctor Team Researching Care To Help Cure Diseases 
KDKA-TV "Pittsburgh Today Live" (12/14/2011)

Research funded here for artificial intestine
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (11/29/2011)

Pediatric Imaging — Distraction Techniques Improve Patient Care
Radiology Today (11/23/2011)

Newsmaker: Dr. Jon F. Watchko
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (11/22/2011)

Newsmaker: Kanwal 'Ken' Nischal
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (11/14/2011)

Broader ADHD guidelines recommended for kids
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (10/16/2011)

Newsmaker: Dr. Jennifer Elster
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (10/11/2011)

Children's Hospital awarded two cancer-fighting $100,000 grants
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (9/22/2011)

Children's Hospital's rare disorders program only one in U.S.
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (9/13/2011)

Newsmaker: Dr. Maria Escolar 
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (9/12/2011)

Children's to begin rare disease study 
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (9/7/2011)

Newsmaker: Toni Darville
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (8/7/2011)

Sun exposure in babies could mean cancer later
CNN.com (6/6/2011)

Gluten not linked to babies' risk of diabetes: study
Reuters (5/20/2011)

Study: Teens see drinking alcohol as normal for their age (with video link) 
KDKA-TV (04/14/11)

Magee-Womens procedure aims to save cancer patients' fertility
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (03/09/2011)

Parent stress linked to child asthma 
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (02/14/11)

Hoarseness rare in kids with cleft palate 
Reuters (01/20/11)

Scientists sequence guy microbes of premature infants 
HealthCanal.com (01/18/11)

Antibiotics defeat ear infections in little kids, studies find (with audio link) 
NPR (01/13/11)

Antibiotics speed healing of childhood ear infections, researchers report 
Bloomberg News (01/13/11)

Early antibiotics help ear infections in young children 
WebMD (01/13/11)

Antibiotics can ease kids' ear infections, studies show 
U.S. News & World Report (HealthDay) (01/13/11)
Antibiotics help ear infections in youngest children, studies show
LA Times (01/13/11)

Studies support antibiotics from the start for otitis media 
MedPage Today (01/13/11)

Antibiotics best for treating ear infections 
CTV (Canadian TV) (01/13/11)

Antibiotics best for battling ear infections, Pitt study says 
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (01/13/11)

Antibiotics ease ear infection symptoms in infants and toddlers 
WDUQ radio (01/13/11)

Now hear this: Children's Hospital and Pitt get $8.2 million for quicker ear infection fix 
Pop City (01/12/11)

New tonsillectomy guidelines call for fewer surgeries 
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (01/06/11)