2013 Research in the News

View news clips below featuring the research, staff and advancements at UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh’s John G. Rangos Sr. Research Center. 

In children, hemispherectomy successfully treats seizures
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (10/21/2013)

Scientists discover how brain 'power plants' send damage signals
Medical News Today (10/2/2013)

Probiotics linked to lower risk of allergies for kids
Reuters (8/22/2013)

Local Researchers Land $16.5 Million To Study Traumatic Brain Injuries
90.5 WESA (8/6/2013)

Economic Recession Tied to 'Harsh' Parenting From Mothers
U.S. News & World Report (Healthday) (8/5/2013)

Children’s Hospital Earns Grant from Hyundai
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (7/30/2013)

Hyundai Hope on Wheels awards Children's Hospital with $75,000 grant
WPXI-TV (7/30/2013)

Premature Aging of Immune Cells Present in Joints of Kids with Chronic Arthritis
Health News Digest (7/29/2013)

Pitt, UPMC to lead study of severe brain injuries in youth
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (7/26/2013)

Physical Punishment in Childhood Tied to Health Woes as Adults
U.S. News & World Report (Healthday) (7/15/2013)

Children with ADHD should avoid contact sports, study finds
MSN News (6/26/2013)

ADHD May Be Tied to Longer-Lasting Head Injury, Study Says
U.S. News & World Report (Healthday) (6/25/2013)

Concussions May Cause More Brain Damage in Kids With ADHD
TIME.com (6/25/2013)

Newsmaker: Dr. Lakshmanan Krishnamurti
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (6/20/2013)

Children's researchers win grants
Pittsburgh Business Times (6/18/2013)

Fear of ICD Shock Impairs Sexual Function
MedPage Today (6/4/2013)

Could Drug Treatment Before Diabetes Slow the Disease?
WESA-FM (5/27/2013)

In Teens, Diabetes Takes a More Dangerous Course
EverydayHealth.com (5/23/2013)

Pre-diabetes treatment explored
Pittsburgh Business Times (5/23/2013)

UPMC researchers take part in peanut allergy study
WPXI-TV (5/21/2013)

An answer for peanut allergies may be in the pipeline at UPMC
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (5/20/2013)

New Treatment Could Provide Relief From Peanut Allergies
KDKA-TV (5/20/2013)

UPMC research shows promise in treating disease that afflicts premature babies
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (5/7/2013)

Breast milk compound may prevent deadly preemie infection
NBCNews.com (5/6/2013)

New Study Suggests Breast Milk Could Help Babies’ Intestinal Issues
KDKA-TV (5/6/2013)

Breast Milk Ingredient Could Prevent Deadly Colitis In Premature Infants
Medical Daily (5/6/2013)

Number of disabled children soars by 16% in just 10 years and experts believe autism is to blame
Daily Mail (5/6/2013)

Coaches can help instill respect for girls
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (5/6/2013)

More Kids Diagnosed With Mental Health Disabilities, Study Finds
U.S. News & World Report (Healthday) (5/5/2013)

Drinking, drugs more common for kids of deployed
Reuters (4/3/2013)

Exposure to violence, gene changes linked to asthma in Puerto Rican children
Medical Xpress (3/19/2013)

Study shows increase in liver transplantation for hepatoblastoma
Medical Xpress (3/5/2013)

OB-GYN group calls on doctors to screen for sexual coercion
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (1/24/2013)

Newborn screening misses some deaf kids
FoxNews.com (1/21/2013)

Pitt-Led Team Finds Molecule That Polices TB Lung Infection, Could Lead To Vaccine
Medical News Today (1/7/2013)

CXCR5 molecule effectively polices lung tuberculosis and prevents deadly infection
News-Medical.net (1/3/2013)

Team finds molecule that polices TB lung infection, could lead to vaccine
Medical Xpress (1/2/2013)