The Pittsburgh Study

COVID-19 (the new coronavirus) has challenged all of us. The Pittsburgh Study and our partners are asking families to tell us what life is like in their household during the pandemic. Sharing their experiences can help ensure resources are accessible, especially where they will do the most good. Learn more about the Family Strengths Survey.

What Are the Principles Guiding This Study?

We are working together to improve children's lives by:

  • Connecting with communities with honesty, empathy, and transparency.
  • Prioritizing community input and recognizing that neighborhoods matter.
  • Continuing to build trust by showing that we care, are fair, and consistent.
  • Developing research for people instead of on people.
  • Maintaining open, inclusive communication by sharing everything to a fault – including data.
  • Continuing to learn, listen, and expand the table.
  • Building collaboration and breaking down silos.
  • Having patience for the long-term measurable, sustainable impact.
  • Approaching decisions with intentional action for impact.
  • Leaving our egos at the door.

View Our Shared Principles (PDF).

What is the Pittsburgh Study?

The Pittsburgh Study is a community-partnered study to find out what works to help children thrive. The study will follow children in Allegheny County from birth through high school.

Our goal is to find out the best ways to give children support they need to graduate from high school on time, healthy, and thriving.

Our hope is the Pittsburgh Study leads to programs and systems that parents, teachers, and service providers can use to improve children’s lives – in Pittsburgh and beyond.

Who Can Join?

Pregnant women, parents, babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and children in elementary, middle and high school can participate in the study.

When is the Pittsburgh Study?

The Pittsburgh Study will begin to enroll families in the Fall of 2019. The study will follow children from before birth through high-school. Children can enroll at different ages.

What Makes This Study Special?

This is the largest community-partnered intervention study to follow children over time.

The study will identify strengths in children, families, schools, and neighborhoods by partnering with communities and community organizations. The study will measure health and social influences on child well-being.

With a history of cutting-edge research and a fast-growing technology sector, Pittsburgh is the ideal location for a study to transform children’s health.

Watch this segment of UPMC Physician Journal and get up to date on the Pittsburgh Study, a multi-year study looking at what helps children thrive.

Who is Doing This Study?

UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh and the University of Pittsburgh are working in collaboration with many community organizations and institutions.

Community members are encouraged to join scientific groups to help design the study.

What Types of Information Will Be Collected?

The study will ask about children’s health, school, environment, and family information.

We will ask parents and caregivers about their health and experiences.

We will also collect information from health and other records with permission from families.

Contact Us

For more information, contact us at

The Pittsburgh Study is made possible by the generous support of The Shear Family Foundation, The Grable Foundation, Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation, and the University
of Pittsburgh School of Medicine Department of Pediatrics.