Your Child's Visit to the Radiology Department

When your child visits the Pediatric Radiology Department at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC, we use a range of methods to lessen anxiety and provide a pleasant — and even fun — imaging experience.

Our child life specialists will help you and your child prepare for your visit and cope with any fears about the radiology test.

Preparing for a Stress-free Radiology Visit

One other way we try to make your child's visit less stressful is to let you know what to expect.

Before your child's radiology department visit at Children's — A nurse will call you a few days before your visit and provide you with all of the details about your child's test. The nurse will also let you know if your child needs to do anything special to prepare. You should plan to be at the hospital for three to four hours on the day of your child's test.

During your child's imaging test — When you arrive at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC, look for signs to the Grape Elevator. Take it to the Radiology Department on the 2nd floor. Your child will change in to a hospital gown. You can stay with your child through the initial exam and often the early stages of sedation. During your child's test, you can leave the Radiology Department and we will contact when the test is over.

After your child's radiology department visit — A Children's radiologist will review the images. He or she will report the test results to your child's doctor, usually within 48 hours.

More Radiology Resources to Help You Prepare for Your Child's Visit

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