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Heart and Lung Transplant Survival Rates

Children's Hospital has performed more than 400 heart/lung transplants in children to date, including more than 280 pediatric heart transplants, making it one of the most active pediatric transplant centers in the world.

Heart Transplant Survival

1 Year 100% national average 92%
3 Years 93% national average 84%


Our transplant team performs double- and single-lung transplants for children suffering from lung disease including cystic fibrosis and pulmonary hypertension.

Lung Transplant Survival

3 Years 100% national average 64%


Children's Hospital performed the first successful pediatric heart-lung transplant in 1985. Since then our team has performed more pediatric heart-lung transplants than any other center in the country.

Heart-Lung Transplant Survival

Patients transplanted 2006-2010 76%


Cardiopulmonary Transplant Volumes

Transplant Type


Program Inception
through 12/31/2012

Heart 9 286
Lung 4 78
Heart/Lung 1 46


* Sources: Internal data; Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients (www.srtr.org) January 2014 release

Last Update
September 11, 2014
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Last Update
September 11, 2014