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Frequently Asked Questions For Graduate Nurses

I had limited pediatric experience in my nursing program. Can I still get a job at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC as a staff nurse?

Yes, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh’s orientation is structured to prepare you to work with children. The classes and clinical time were created to provide new nurses with the information you need to become a pediatric nurse.

I did not do a clinical rotation at Children’s as part of my nursing program. May I visit a unit at the hospital before applying for a position?

Yes, if you are considering a career at Children’s you may call or e-mail the nurse recruiter to schedule a tour. As part of the interview process, unit managers can also arrange time for you to come to the hospital and shadow a professional nurse for several hours to assure you are comfortable in the environment.

If I am offered a job, how soon after graduation can I start to work at Children’s?

Most new graduates apply for a Temporary Practice Permit (TPP) to practice nursing in Pennsylvania around the time that they graduate. You must obtain a TPP or RN license to be hired in a nursing position. Your nursing program will assist you in this process. We advise you plan on waiting at least one month after graduation to begin working. Children’s has structured orientation dates each summer and winter. You must start on the orientation dates that are scheduled each year.

What if I start working at Children’s and then take the NCLEX and fail? Can I still keep working as a nurse?

The State Board of Nursing will immediately revoke a Temporary Practice Permit if you fail the NCLEX, and you can no longer work as a nurse in Pennsylvania. Children’s will try to help you find another position in the clinical setting until you can reschedule and pass the NCLEX.

When should I apply for a graduate nurse position?

Students with a planned completion date from their nursing program should begin their job search at least six months prior to their anticipated graduation date. All applications for Children’s Hospital must be completed online. Learn more.

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January 8, 2014
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Last Update
January 8, 2014