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  • Mark your calendar for our first Symposium - Moving Forward: A Symposium on Child & Adolescent Cancer Survivorship. Click here for more information.
  • Kennywood was awesome!  Check out the Events page for some amazing photos of our day!
  • Read about the Survivorship Clinic in the UPMC CancerCenter Annual Report!
  • Survivors of childhood cancer require lifelong follow-up care for the screening, prevention, and treatment of late effects of their therapy. 
  • Visit the special Childhood Cancer Awareness section on the Curesearch website. 


Being a survivor of cancer as a child or young adult is an exciting thought. But this is a time of transition. While we are no longer looking for cancer to return, we want to focus on teaching you about your past medical history and treatment and focus on health promotion — helping you live your life to the fullest extent while meeting your unique needs as a survivor. 


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Jean Tersak, MD SurvivorConnect About Survivorship

The news gets better and better.
Kids are surviving cancer more often than ever, but this is a time of transition. At Survivorship Clinic, we don't look for cancer to return but focus on helping you live life to the fullest extent while meeting your unique needs as a survivor.

What kinds of tests can you expect?
Diagnostic testing based on your treatment, for example, echocardiogram, bone density test, or hearing test may be ordered.

Are you a cancer survivor?
SurvivorConnect helps you and your family navigate life after cancer, including both the physical and emotional issues you may have. Learn how other survivors are living after cancer.

Last Update
June 26, 2014
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Last Update
June 26, 2014