Apply to Volunteer at Children's

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh!

Prior to beginning the application process, we ask that you read this important document

Considerations to Volunteering at Children's Hospital (PDF).

Note to new College student applicants -- please be aware of our new requirements for the upcoming Academic year including a minimum 22-week and 100-hour commitment from September/October through April outlined on the College student volunteer web page.  

Application Process

Due to the volume of applications that we receive on an ongoing basis, we have developed an annual application schedule. This schedule is based on type of volunteer (adult, college, or teen) for when we will be accepting applications for review.

Season Dates Accepting Applications
March 1 to May 15


July 15 to September 5

        Now Closed

November 15 to January 5


We are not accepting applications at this time. Please be sure to check back on this page when the Winter/Spring enrollment period begins on November 15, when the application required reference form will be available.

The following additional requirements must be completed prior to being contacted for an interview:

After completing the online application and have two non-relatives complete the reference form on your behalf, you will also need to complete the following PRIOR to being able to move forward with additional steps: 

  • Submit Required Clearances by email or drop off at drop off at CHP's Welcome Center (information about how to obtain them can obtained on the links below or provided by a Volunteer Coordinator): *Please note, if you have already received your clearances within the past year, and you are able to provide for our records, you will not need to complete the steps above for clearances.
  • Submit appropriate health and immunization screening documents by email or drop off at CHP's Welcome Center. We require the following immunizations:
    • Tuberculosis (TB) - providing Volunteer Services Department with documentation of one of the following would satisfy your TB requirement:
      • Quantiferon Gold blood test (this is only one-step)
      • 2-Step TB skin test (this process actually requires four separate visits:
        •  Shot placement, then have read 2 to 3 days later, then repeat that process at least one week later)
      • a recent chest x-ray if you've ever tested positive for TB
    • Tdap (must be from within the past 10 years)
    • Flu Shot (when you volunteer between Dec.1- March 30 the flu shot is now required)
    (Please Note - if you have not had a recent TB test or Flu Shot, you can have your test/shot taken at Children’s Hospital and/or UPMC employee health offices at no additional cost – we can provide you with more information)

You will be contacted for an interview after you provide all these requirements. During the interview we will discuss your availability and interests and possible volunteer assignments available.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office at 412-692-5185 or