Injury Prevention


When you go to the playground, you go to have a good time. But it is important to remember how to play safe so you don’t get hurt. If you notice that any of the playground equipment looks like it’s broken, or if you see any loose parts, make sure that you tell an adult. They can make sure that it gets fixed.

View the Playground Safety Cartoon.

These tips will help keep you safe:


  • Hold onto rails when climbing up the ladder.
  • Make sure you don’t have loose strings on your clothes.
  • Keep your shoes tied so your laces don’t get caught. Always slide down feet first.
  • Wait your turn, making sure no one else is on the slide before you go.
  • Never run up the slide.


  • Make sure the merry-go-round stops before you get on.
  • Sit in the middle, hold onto the bar or handles, and don’t let go.
  • Don’t get off the merry-go-round until it has stopped.


  • Sit in the center of the swing.
  • Don’t walk or run in front or back of the swings.
  • Never stand on a swing.
  • Don’t swing too high.
  • Don’t get off the swing until it has stopped.
  • Don’t swing crooked.

Jungle Gym, Climber, Monkey Bars

  • Don’t play on them if you can’t reach the bars.
  • Always hold on with two hands.
  • Never climb up on top of the bars.


  • Always sit facing the other rider.
  • Hold on with both hands.
  • Keep your feet out from under the board.
  • Always tell the other rider that you are getting off.


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May 23, 2008
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Last Update
May 23, 2008