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Community Preview Photo Gallery

A multi-lingual "Welcome" sign greats visitors to the Community Preview on April 5.
Guests registered for the tour at the beginning of the Transformation Corridor.
Campus Lego Model
Some guests peek at the Lego model of the new hospital campus near the Mid-Campus Garage.
The Wizard of Oz Statue
The Wizard of Oz statue, brought from the Oakland hospital, is a familiar sight to guests on tour.
Main Hospital Lobby
Guests explore the beautiful new main lobby, including the colorful hanging mobile.
The Donor Wall
Tour guests are captivated by the colorful Donor Wall, located in the main lobby.
Ambulatory Welcome Desk
Visitors learn more about outpatient services from a hospital volunteer at the 3rd floor Ambulatory Welcome Desk.
Ambulatory Waiting Room
The Ambulatory Waiting Room on the 3rd floor is bright and welcoming, full of natural light.
The Time Wall
A few kids take a break while looking at the Time Wall, connecting the Ambulatory Waiting Room with the Cafeteria.
The Time Wall
Guests explore the beautiful Time Wall, connecting the Ambulatory Waiting Room with the Cafeteria.
The Time Wall
The Pop Stop and the Cafeteria can be found at the end of the Time Wall.
Cafeteria Terrace
Outdoor space can be found on the terrace off the Cafeteria, perfect for enjoying a meal on a sunny day.
Ambulatory Services
Guests visiting the Ambulatory exam rooms are welcomed by Children’s employee Michael Drnach.
Eat-n-Park Atruim
A family explores the four-story Eat-n-Park Atrium
Eat-n-Park Atruim
Guests walk through the bright and colorful Eat-n-Park Atrium.
The chapel is located on the 6th floor as part of the Elsa M. and Alma E. Mueller Family Resource Center.
The Howard Hanna Healing Garden
The Howard Hanna Healing Garden was a popular spot for guests on a beautiful April day.
Operating Room
Diane Hupp, RN, MSN, our Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer, gives guests a special treat as she talks about new operating room technology.
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May 5, 2009
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Last Update
May 5, 2009