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Current Residents

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Residency Housestaff at a Glance

Chief Residents
Beth Ann Papas, MD
Catherine Polak, MD
Luke Shieh, MD*

* denotes a CORE Resident
** denotes a Peds Neuro Resident

PL-3 Residents

Lauren Alessi, MD Stony Brook University
Calah Antonetti, MD University of Pittsburgh
Defne Arslan, MD Case Western Reserve University
Carolyn Baloh, MD Pennsylvania State University
Marissa Blanco Knowlton, MD* Vanderbilt University
Hannah Chalal, MD* George Washington University
Kimberly Churbock, MD* Case Western Reserve University
Allison Close, MD* Michigan State University
Sonny Duong, MD University of Virginia
Christine Eklund, MD* University of Cincinnati
Katie Even, MD University of Massachusetts
Christine Hall, MD* University of Pittsburgh
HyoJeong Han, MD University of Texas Medical Branch
Hilary Michel, MD University of Pittsburgh
Erin Murillo, MD Case Western Reserve University
Laura Navarro Borelly, MD Case Western Reserve University
Lindsay Proud, MD University of Pittsburgh
Sriram Ramgopal, MD* Sri Ramachandra Medical College
Anna Sick, MD Johns Hopkins University
Robin Snyder, MD Ohio State University
Regina Toto, MD* George Washington University
Catherine Urban, MD Stony Brook University
Bridget Wagner, MD University of Texas Medical Branch
Lorne Walker, MD, PhD University of California San Diego


PL-2 Residents

Anna Ahn, MD Vanderbilt University
Elaine Chiang, MD* George Washington University
Dara Cohn, MD Northwestern University
Amy Collins, MD*

Tulane University

Christine Crana, MD SUNY Upstate Medical University
Valerie Curren, MD* Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
Megan Elbon, MD Baylor College of Medicine
Rebecca Epperly, MD University of Iowa
Casey Goldman, MD University of Florida
Laurie Jacobs, MD University of North Carolina
Liny John, MD University of Pittsburgh
Lorrie Kiger, MD Wright State University
Peter LaRossa, MD University of Pittsburgh
Alison Levine, MD* University of Pittsburgh
Megan McCormick, MD* Rutgers New Jersey Medical School
Elissa Ortolani, MD SUNY Buffalo
Andrew Prigge, MD University of Rochester
Christian Pulcini, MD, MPH* Tufts University
Vikram Raghu, MD University of Pittsburgh
Anthony Ross, MD University of Pittsburgh
Kinsey Roth, MD* University of Colorado
Carly Safier, MD University of Toledo
Eva Schwartz, MD Chicago Medical School
Gina Sequeira, MD* Tulane University
Matthew Valente, MD* SUNY Upstate Medical University
Michael Verre, MD* Washington University in St. Louis
Ashleigh Welko, MD* Wright State University
Laura West, MD University of Pittsburgh


PL-1 Residents

Caroline Albert, MD Yale School of Medicine
Heather Bernard, MD*

University of Pittsburgh

Alanna Boyajian, MD* Columbia University
Katherine Cobb-Pitstick, MD** University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
Elisabeth Cole, MD Tulane University
Abbye Degan, MD University of Miami
Alexandra Dreyzin, MD University of Pittsburgh

Dailia Francis, MD, PhD

Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai
Daniel Guillen Mendoza, MD** Universidad Peruana Cayetano
Joseph Langham, MD Morehouse School of Medicine
Elise Lu, MD, PhD* Washington University in St. Louis
Benjamin Macadangdang, MD, PhD Duke University
Maanasi Mistry, MD University of Virginia
Onome Oghifobibi, MD University of Benin School of Medicine
Katrina O’Halloran, MD University College Dublin School of Medicine
Aidan Porter, MD Brown University
Ronald Seese, MD, PhD** University of California, Irvine

Sara Serbin, MD

University of Cincinnati
Neema Shah, MD University of Virginia
Emily Trauernicht, MD University of Virginia
Mira Trivedi, MD Wright State University
Desiree Wagner, MD University of Rochester
Maria Widmann, MD Ohio State University
Allison Williams, MD Florida International University
Jessie Yester, MD, PhD  Virginia Commonwealth University 


Pediatric Advocacy, Leadership, Service (PALS) Residency

PL-3 PALS Residents

Jessica Price, MD* Wake Forest School of Medicine
Meredith Stern, MD* Jefferson Medical College


PL-2 PALS Residents

Francesca Okolie, DO* Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine
Tashya Whitehead, MD* University of Michigan


PL-1 PALS Residents

Jeffrey Eugene, MD* Morehouse School of Medicine
Jillian Mador, MD* George Washington University


Medicine-Pediatrics Residency

PL-4 Medicine-Pediatrics Residents

Ryan Israelsen, MD University of Utah
Colleen Pater, MD University of Cincinnati
Elizabeth Rabold, MD University of North Carolina
Justin Yu, MD Temple University


PL-3 Medicine-Pediatrics Residents

Matt Hensley, MD University of Kentucky
Christina Mackell, MD University of Cincinnati
Carlos Pacheco, MD Meharry Medical College
Nicholas Stygles, MD University of Virginia


PL-2 Medicine-Pediatrics Residents

Elizabeth Boggs, MD* Case Western Reserve University
Rebecca Hartog, MD  University of Pittsburgh
Alison Robins, MD  Eastern Virginia Medical School 
Madhav Vissa, MD  SUNY Downstate 


PL-1 Medicine-Pediatrics Residents

Stephanie Holt, MD University of Pittsburgh
Gabrielle Langmann, MD University of Pittsburgh
Catherine Mims, MD University of Texas at Huston
Rachel Wolf, MD* Vanderbilt University


Triple Board Residency

PL-5 Triple Board Residents

Sarah Homitsky, MD Michigan State University
Justin Schreiber, DO* Touro University


PL-4 Triple Board Residents

Cristin McDermott, MD University of Connecticut


PL-3 Triple Board Residents

Sarah Arshad, MD* University of Michigan
Becky Miller, MD* University of Chicago


PL-2 Triple Board Residents

Alli Foroobar, MD Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU)
Sara Harmon, MD* University of Virginia


PL-1 Triple Board Residents

Amanda Downey, MD Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai
Carolyn Wiersma, MD Medical University of South Carolina


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July 28, 2015
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Last Update
July 28, 2015