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Current Residents

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Pediatric Residency

Chief Residents
Nirica Borges, MD
Kimberly Horner, MD
Kendra Woods, MD

* denotes a CORE Resident
** denotes a Peds Neuro Resident

PL-3 Residents

Katie Cass, MD* Pennsylvania State University
Bimal Chaudhari, MD Boston University
Idris Evans, MD* Drexel University
Allison Fleischer, MD Drexel University
Christopher Follansbee, MD University of Pittsburgh
Michael Fox, MD University of Pittsburgh
Stephen Hart, MD Case Western Reserve University
Allison Henry, MD Case Western Reserve University
Emily Hull, MD Case Western Reserve University
Laura Jackson, MD* Pennsylvania State University
Zafir Kalamadeen, MD Howard University
Karena Lawrence, MD University of Connecticut
Maxim Pimkin, MD, PhD Smolensk State Medical Academy
Kendra Reisner, MD* Jefferson Medical College
Allison Rometo, MD University of Virginia
Stacy Rosenberg, MD Tulane University
Brittani Seynnaeve, MD West Virginia University
Lauren Severs, MD* University of Michigan
Whitney Sunseri, MD University of Illinois
Matthew Taylor, MD* University of Pittsburgh
Dana Tiberio, MD West Virginia University
Jessica Wallisch, MD* University of Kansas
Jennifer Zarit, MD* University of Pittsburgh


PL-2 Residents

Laura Agresta, MD Michigan State University
Jennifer Andresen, MD Vanderbilt University
Corinne Brooks, MD Ohio State University
Kara Coffey, MD UMDNJ
Kristina Cossen, MD Emory University
Brian Czervionke, MD Drexel University
Amber D'Souza, MD Ohio State University
Kevin Ellsworth, MD University of Pittsburgh
Alexis Franks, MD University of Colorado
Danielle Gilbert, MD, MPH* Jefferson Medical College
Heidi Griffiths, MD SUNY – Buffalo
Katharina Hayes, MD Tulane University
Divya Jayaraman, MD University of Utah
Adam Kney, MD** University of Illinois
Katherine Lawson, MD Case Western Reserve University
Karla Leavens, MD, PhD University of Pennsylvania
Sang Lee, MD University of Pennsylvania
Seth Linakis, MD University of Pittsburgh
Micah Maxwell, MD, PhD Johns Hopkins University
Keili Mistovich, MD, MPH University of Pittsburgh
Neil Munjal, MD** Washington University
Beth Ann Papas, MD University of Pittsburgh
Catherine Polak, MD West Virginia University
Erin Predis, MD University of Pittsburgh
Jeremy Root, MD* Case Western Reserve University
Elizabeth Sensenig, MD Pennsylvania State University
Levi Shelton, MD** University of Oklahoma
Jane Soung, MD Medical College of Wisconsin


PL-1 Residents

Lauren Alessi, MD Stony Brook University
Calah Antonetti, MD University of Pittsburgh
Defne Arslan, MD Case Western Reserve University
Carolyn Baloh, MD Pennsylvania State University
Marissa Blanco Knowlton, MD* Vanderbilt University
Hannah Chalal, MD* George Washington University
Kimberly Churbock, MD* Case Western Reserve University
Allison Close, MD* Michigan State University
Sonny Duong, MD University of Virginia
Christine Eklund, MD* University of Cincinnati
Stacey Elkhatib, MD** University of Virginia
Katie Even, MD University of Massachusetts
Matthew Ginsberg, MD** Case Western Reserve University
Christine Hall, MD* University of Pittsburgh
HyoJeong Han, MD University of Texas Medical Branch
Hilary Michel, MD University of Pittsburgh
Erin Murillo, MD Case Western Reserve University
Laura Navarro Borelly, MD Case Western Reserve University
Lindsay Proud, MD University of Pittsburgh
Sriram Ramgopal, MD* Sri Ramachandra Medical College
Anna Sick, MD Johns Hopkins University
Robin Snyder, MD Ohio State University
Regina Toto, MD* George Washington University
Catherine Urban, MD Stony Brook University
Bridget Wagner, MD University of Texas Medical Branch
Lorne Walker, MD, PhD University of California San Diego
William Welch, MD** University of Oklahoma


Pediatric Advocacy, Leadership, Service (PALS) Residency

PL-3 PALS Residents

Heather Abegglen, MD* George Washington University
Jennifer Wrubel, MD* University of Louisville


PL-2 PALS Residents

Caitlin Koerber, MD* Yale University
Luke Shieh, MD* Jefferson Medical College


PL-1 PALS Residents

Jessica Price, MD* Wake Forest School of Medicine
Meredith Stern, MD* Jefferson Medical College


Medicine-Pediatrics Residency

PL-4 Medicine-Pediatrics Residents

Annie Pugh, MD Medical University of South Carolina
 Marybeth Concannon, MD* Temple University 
 Anna Marie Lewarchik, MD*  University of Pittsburgh
 Ugonna Nwankwo, MD  Wake Forest University


PL-3 Medicine-Pediatrics Residents

Patrick Dantzer, MD Wayne State University
Laura Hart, MD University of Cincinnati
Adam Kost, MD University of Illinois
John Szymusiak, MD University of Cincinnati


PL-2 Medicine-Pediatrics Residents

Ryan Israelsen, MD University of Utah
Colleen Pater, MD University of Cincinnati
Elizabeth Rabold, MD University of North Carolina
Justin Yu, MD Temple University


PL-1 Medicine-Pediatrics Residents

Matt Hensley, MD University of Kentucky
Christina Mackell, MD University of Cincinnati
Carlos Pacheco, MD Meharry Medical College
Nicholas Stygles, MD University of Virginia


Triple Board Residency

PL-5 Triple Board Residents

Briana Sacco, MD* University of Texas Medical Branch
Nasuh Malas, MD* University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health


PL-4 Triple Board Residents

Katrina Fletcher, MD Jefferson Medical College
Victoria Winkeller, MD Albany Medical College


PL-3 Triple Board Residents

Sarah Homitsky, MD Michigan State University
Justin Schreiber, DO* Touro University


PL-2 Triple Board Resident

Cristin McDermott, MD University of Connecticut


PL-1 Triple Board Resident

Sarah Arshad, MD* University of Michigan
Becky Miller, MD* University of Chicago


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April 30, 2014
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Last Update
April 30, 2014