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Support Services

Below is a list of support services and local resources compiled by Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC’s Sickle Cell Program staff to assist parents who have concerns about housing, utilities or employment. The Sickle Cell Disease Association of America provides additional information about support services for families dealing with sickle cell disease.


Children’s sickle cell social worker will assist families of children with sickle cell disease find adequate housing through agencies such as the office of Housing and Urban Development. Verification of medical diagnosis may be needed. For more information, contact Tia Martin, MSW, at 412-692-6072 or tia.martin@chp.edu.


If meeting your utilities bill is a concern, first talk directly to your utility carrier. Next, the public utility commission may offer additional options at www.puc.state.pa.us/

Remember: think ahead. Call before your service is terminated. Options are limited once service is turned off. Contact Tia Martin, MSW, at 412-692-6072 or tia.martin@chp.edu if you require further assistance or proof of medical diagnosis.


Employment issues may cause extra stress for patients and families dealing with sickle cell disease. Be proactive. For the best outcome, discuss your situation in advance with your employer. Children’s Sickle Cell Program staff can assist you with employment concerns, such as applying for Family or Medical Leave (FMLA). For more information, contact Tia Martin, MSW, at 412-692-6072 or tia.martin@chp.edu.

Health Insurance/SSI: Disability

No child should be without health insurance. In the state of Pennsylvania, options include Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) as well as social security/disability benefits. For more information about the option that best suits your needs, contact Tia Martin, MSW, at 412-692-6072 or tia.martin@chp.edu.


During times your child may be hospitalized, please view our list of overnight accommodations for parents and siblings.

Other Local Resources

Counseling and Family Services:    
Catholic Charities of Diocese of Pittsburgh   412-456-6999
Family Services   412-281-2328
Family Links   412-343-7166
Magee-Womens Behavioral Health   412-624-4577
Day Care Information:    
Information Services   412-261-2273/1-800-392-3131
Domestic Abuse Help:    
Women’s Center and Shelter   412-565-2146
Womanspace East   412-350-5801
Domestic Violence Hotline   412-255-1155
Housing Services:    
Urban League   412-227-4812
Allegheny County Housing-sect 8   412-355-2189
Infant/Maternity Clothing Support:    
Welcome Little Ones   412-391-6862
Legal Services:    
YWCA of Greater Pittsburgh   412-391-5100
Neighborhood Legal Services   412-255-6700
Legal Advocacy Office   412-355-7400
Parenting Classes and Support:    
Family Resources Warmline   412-641-4546
Family Resources   412-562-9440
Healthy Start   412-247-1000
Parents Without Partners   412-321-0198
Healthy Start Male Initiative   412-247-1000
Prenatal Classes:    
Magee-Womens Hospital   412-641-4492
Reduced Price Entertainment:    
Tickets for Kids   412-781-5437
Residential services for women with children (bridge housing):
Roselia Center   412-682-4410
Genesis   412-766-2693
Sisters Place   412-233-3903
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August 5, 2013
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August 5, 2013