Your First Visit to the Voice, Resonance, and Swallowing Center

We perform an initial evaluation on all of our pediatric patients to determine the best approach to care for their voice concerns. A typical evaluation for a pediatric patient may include:

  • A thorough review of the history of the patient's concern, as well as any medical, surgical, lifestyle, occupational, or emotional factors that might be related to the voice problem
  • Observation of the vocal folds with a camera and specialized light source, called videostroboscopy
  • Observation of the vocal folds with a high-speed camera
  • Analysis of the sound of the patient's voice and resonance (acoustic analysis)
  • Analysis of airflow and air pressure during voice production in the resonating cavities (aerodynamic analysis)
  • Manual assessment of tension in the muscles used to produce voice

Trial therapy to help predict success and to determine the best method of therapy for the individual patient

Other tests may be scheduled, as determined by your voice care team. This team initially includes an otolaryngologist and a speech-language pathologist, but may also include input from nursing, pulmonology, asthma/allergy, neurology, gastroenterology, audiology, psychology, or radiology specialists.

Be assured that as a center caring exclusively for children, the all testing is done in a proven child-friendly environment by health care providers sensitive to the needs of children and their families.

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