Parent: Recovery from Hospitalization

After discharge from the hospital, both you and your child will need recovery time. Normal routines have been upset for the entire family. Just as it took time to get ready to go to the hospital, it will take time at home to recover.

Being home from the hospital requires some adjustment for everyone, and the recovery process will be different for each child and family.

When your child is discharged from the hospital, you will need time to talk about what happened and quiet time to collect yourself. Do things to help get back to a normal routine. Don’t expect too much too soon. Take the time you need.

The following chart outlines some phases you, as parents, may experience.

Discharge From Hospital
Parents' Interaction Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3
Child  Spending extra time with child

Allowing clinging/regressive behavior 
Allowing some special privileges

Needing signals from child that he is okay 
Normal family routine 
Spouse/Partner  Talking about hospitalization

Sharing feelings 
Special time alone with spouse/partner

Assessing impact of hospital expenses 
Normal spouse/partner relationship

Feeling safe and settled

Planning resolution of uncovered hospital expenses 
Friends/Relatives  Help from special friends/relatives

Making some phone calls 
Needing less help from others

Normal socializing 
Jobs/Community  Calls to hospital for reassurance

Altered work schedule 
Resuming normal community activities/relationships/work responsibilities  Feeling unthreatened, comfortable with routine Heart Institute visits

Resuming all normal adult activities