Pediatric Transplant Statistics and Outcomes at Children's Hospital

The Hillman Center for Pediatric Transplantation at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC is one of the most active centers in the United States. Since the launch of our program over 30 years ago, we've given hope to more than 3,300 organ transplant patients.

Data shows Children's Ranks Highest in the United States for Pediatric Liver Transplant and Heart Transplant Outcomes

According to the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients (SRTR) June 2017 data release, we're ranked highest in the United States for pediatric liver transplant and heart transplant outcomes in the following categories:

Pediatric liver transplants:

  • 1 year overall patient and graft survival: 100%
  • 1 year living-donor patient and graft survival: 100%
  • 1 year deceased donor graft survival: 100%

Pediatric heart transplants:

  • 3 years pediatric patient and graft survival: 100%

Learn more about our patient and graft survival rates.

Among the Best Childhood Transplant Survival Rates in the World

Over the years, our transplant team has found new treatment methods for improving our young transplant patients' long-term survival and quality of life.

Transplant survival rates at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh are among the best in the world. And, we routinely beat the national average survival rates.

Our compassion, skill, and ongoing drive to improve the lives of children in need of organ transplants are the reasons why.

Performing More Pediatric Transplants Than Any Other Center

Transplant surgeons at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC perform more pediatric transplants than any other center in the nation.

In 2016, we performed 110 total organ transplants.

Over the last 30 years, our pediatric transplant surgeons have performed more than 3,300:

  • Blood and marrow transplants
  • Heart transplants
  • Intestine transplants
  • Liver transplants
  • Lung transplants
  • Kidney transplants