Core Facilities

Core Facilities laboratories, utilizing the latest analytical technologies, are currently focused on cell imaging, flow cytometry, histology and animal imaging. The laboratories are available to the many pediatric basic research teams based at the John G. Rangos Sr. Research Center and are also available to other researchers from beyond the hospital system.

Information about the labs, including contacts and links to PDFs of services descriptions and usage guidelines, are provided below.

Cell Imaging

Equipped with confocal microscopes and devices for live cell imaging and laser capture microdissection.

Cell Imaging Core I Laboratory 

5th Floor, Rangos Research Center
Director: George Gittes, MD
Contact: Prasadan, Krishna
Cell Imaging I Facility Services and Usage Guidelines (PDF)

Cell Imaging Core II Laboratory 

7th Floor, Rangos Research Center
Director: Tunda Hidvegi, PhD
Contact: Houming Cai,  
Cell Imaging II Facility Overview of Services (PDF)

Flow Cytometry

Analytical flow cytometry and sterile cell sorting equipment and services.

Flow Cytometry Core Laboratory

8th Floor and 6th Floor, Rangos Research Center
Director: Abbe deVallejo, PhD
Contacts: Joshua Michel, and Alison Logar,
8th Floor:412-692-6968
6th Floor: 412-692-3025

Flow Cytometry I Facility Services and Usage Guidelines (PDF)


Support to investigators in need of histology-based technical services and pathological interpretation.

Histology Core Laboratory 

3537 Rangos Research Center 
Director: Sunder Sims-Lucas, PhD,
Contact: Michele Mulkeen,
Histology Overview of Services (PDF)

Metabolic Core

Analytical services to support research in energy metabolism, metabolic pathways, and cellular metabolic function including mass spectrometry (LC/MS/MS), Seahorse® analyzer, amino acid analyzer, and reverse-phase HPLC system.

Metabolic Core Laboratory

5th Floor, Rangos Research Center, Room 5156
Director: Clinton Van’t Land, PhD
Contact: Clint Van’t Land,

Animal Imaging

Including “micro” magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and Computer Tomography (CT) systems, high-resolution ultrasound and bioluminescence systems.

Animal Imaging Core Laboratory 

4th Floor, Rangos Research Center 
Director: Yijen Wu
Contact: Yijen Wu, 
Animal Imaging Facility Services and Usage Guidelines (PDF)