Areas of Focus of the Kuhn Lab

The Kühn Lab within the Richard King Mellon Foundation Institute for Pediatric Research conducts pioneering investigations into the cellular and molecular mechanisms of the heart muscle in search of a cure for heart failure. The long-term objective is to provide cellular and molecular targets for therapeutic treatment of heart failure and congenital heart disease.

We know that natural cardiomyocyte proliferation is not sufficient to regenerate heart muscle defects in babies and children with congenital heart disease or in adults after a heart attack. Heart failure can be the result.

By focusing on the mechanisms of growth and regeneration of the myocardium, Dr. Kühn’s research has already led to important discoveries. His work has shown that administration of two naturally occurring peptides, periostin and neuregulin, can stimulate cardiomyocytes to proliferate and, in animals, repair myocardial defects and restore cardiac function.

Members of the Kühn Lab team are focused on three initial areas:

The Kühn Lab team are taking these findings and turning them into new and novel therapies for healing the hearts of children and adults.