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August 10-13, 2017

The staff of Camp Chihopi looks forward to welcoming past campers and inviting new campers to this fun-filled summer camp for children ages 7-15 who have had liver or intestine transplants.

This webpage includes all the details you need to know about attending camp. If you have any further questions, please contact Bev Kosmach at 412-692-6115 or at

There is a location change for camp registration and the family brunch this year.

Camp Registration

Camper Registration and the Family Brunch will be held at:

Rodef Shalom Congregation
4905 5th Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15224

The Rodef Shalom Congregation is located in Oakland, near the University of Pittsburgh campus. For those of you who have attended Chihopi in previous years, this new site is on 5th Ave and is less than a mile east of the Wyndham Hotel where we have met for Registration the last several years.

As you are driving down 5th Ave towards the University of Pittsburgh campus, make a right on either Morewood Ave or Devonshire St. to access the large parking lot behind the Congregation. There is no charge for parking. Please enter through the glass doors at the entrance from the parking lot. There will be Camp Chihopi staff in Zoochopi T-shirts to help you with your child’s luggage and direct you and your child to Registration.

Family Brunch

Camp Chihopi family brunchA Brunch for families and siblings will be held on Thursday, August 10, 2017 from 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. following Registration. This event will be held at the Rodef Shalom Congregation at 4905 5th Ave in the Oakland section of Pittsburgh, about 2 miles from Children’s Hospital in Lawrenceville.

During Brunch, you can meet other families, staff from the Department of Transplant Surgery at Children’s, hospital staff, and representatives from the supportive services that have contributed to camp. A short program will be presented to update you on current treatments and outcomes in transplantation. An invitation and RSVP will be sent to you after we receive your child’s registration forms.

Medication Registration

Camp Chihopi medication registrationThe camp nurses will review each camper’s medications (PDF) at Registration, checking dosages and amounts as well as any additional medical requirements (PDF) your child may have. Please send a 4-day supply of medications in their original pharmacy labeled bottles, small individually labeled baggies, or in a pill organizer.

If your child requires an IV or feeding pump, please bring his/her home care pump and supplies including extra batteries and extra supplies in case they are needed. We have limited extra supplies at the Emma Kauffman Camp Health Center and are not able to supply pumps, fluids, formulas, flushes, ostomy supplies or tubing from Children’s Hospital.

The camp nurses are responsible for giving medications from Thursday at 11 a.m. until Sunday at 3 p.m. Please consider changing administration times if appropriate to decrease the amount of medications needed during camp.

Please be sure that you child has a good breakfast on Thursday morning and has taken all morning medications. Check that you have enough medication for your entire trip to Pittsburgh. We can not supply missing doses at Camp.


Your child must have labs drawn prior to attending camp. All campers must have recent lab results available and obtained sometime between June 1 and July 28, 2017. If your child is a patient at Children’s Hospital, your child’s labs will be accessed from our database. You do not have to send the lab report with your child’s registration forms. Charts will be reviewed for compliance to these requests. Children will not be permitted to attend camp if these requirements are not completed. 

All intestine transplant recipients must have had an annual endoscopy and/or ileoscopy within the previous year, between August 15, 2016 and August 8, 2017. There are no exceptions to this requirement.

Campers who are not patients at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh and receive care from other transplant centers must also submit the following items:

  • A copy of your child’s lab results, obtained between June 1 and July 28, 2017.
  • A copy of your child’s most recent history and physical and/or physician office visit.
  • A letter from your PCP or transplant physician stating that your child is physically stable and able to attend camp.

Departure and Return

Camp Chihopi kids on the busDeparture

Campers and staff will depart from the Rodef Shalom Congregation on Thursday, August 10 at approximately 11:30 a.m. They will arrive at camp around 2 p.m. and begin activities immediately upon arrival.


The campers and staff will depart camp on Sunday, August 13 at approximately 1 p.m., arriving at the Rodef Shalom Congregation around 3 p.m.. Families may park in the parking lot or on the street and wait for their children. Do NOT enter the building.

Camp Chihopi campers getting off the busPlease be prompt in picking up your child on Sunday. Counselors will wait with their campers until a parent arrives. There will be staff available to assist you in finding your child’s luggage. Please check the name on each bag and be sure you have picked up all your child’s bags. We are not responsible for lost items.



For those of you whose children have attended camp before, we hope that you continue to be comfortable with the care, supervision, and activities at Camp Chihopi. If you have any concerns about your child’s needs at camp (separation anxiety, bed wetting, nightmares, etc.), please call Bev Kosmach to discuss these issues so that we can insure that your child has a positive experience at camp. Your child’s counselor will also be calling you and your child a few days prior to camp as an introduction to our staff and camp. This is also a good time to discuss concerns with your child’s counselor.

Camp Rules and Contract

It is important that campers and parents understand the rules of appropriate behavior at camp as established by Camp Chihopi as well as the Emma Kauffman Camp. Please read and discuss these rules with your child (PDF). Both the camper and parent must sign this form. If a child is expelled from camp, a parent will be required to pick up their child from camp within a reasonable time of being informed of the expulsion. The child will not be permitted to participate in camp activities while waiting for their parent and will be supervised in the Health Center by staff during this time.

We request that children do not bring cell phones to camp and if they do, we ask that parents refrain from calling or texting their children during camp. Additionally, service is limited in the camp area and phones are lost and damaged every year. Camp Chihopi/Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh is not responsible for lost or damaged cell phones.


There are many options for housing for families staying in the Pittsburgh area while their child is at camp.

Download all Camp Chihopi registration and consent forms.