Child Development Research

The Child Development Unit (CDU) at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC specializes in assessing children’s developmental delays, developmental disorders, genetic disorders and long-term consequences of certain medical conditions. CDU’s specialty units include the Autism Center, Down Syndrome Center, and the Fragile X Syndrome Center.

The CDU sponsors numerous research programs related to child development, disabilities and behavior. The wide range of topics in developmental and behavioral medicine includes problems faced by children with Fragile X syndrome, language development, and disorders and behavioral training for mothers of children with cancer to name a few. Many additional areas are supported by a variety of federal and philanthropic grants.

Examples of recent research endeavors include involvement in a National Institutes of Health multi-site study of treatment approaches for autism; research related to cardiovascular systems in individuals with Down syndrome; development of a research registry for children with Fragile X; sleep issues of children with Fragile X syndrome, research focused on emotions, depression, and anxiety, in adolescents with Asperger’s disorder, and Early Childhood Partnerships (ECP), a community-based consultation, training, technical assistance and research-based collaboration.


Clinical Studies

Ira Bergman, MD, PhD

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Kristin Mary Hannibal, MD

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Robert B. Noll, PhD

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Miya R Asato, MD

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Down Syndrome and Amyloid Deposition, Adult Study

Natural History Of Amyloid Deposition In Adults With Down Syndrome

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Fragile X Sleep Study

Are Children with Fragile X Losing their Zzzz’s … and Y? A Study of Sleep Patterns of School-age Children with FXS using Actigraphy

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Our Researchers

Rebecca Kronk, MSN, CRNP, PhD