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Starting Wednesday, Dec. 20, patients, visitors, and staff must wear a mask when entering a UPMC facility.
Is Screen Time Bad for Babies?
Research shows that babies who use screens could have developmental delays and other long-term effects.
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Why Your Baby’s Newborn Well Visit Is So Important
Learn what to expect and what questions to ask your provider.
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Kids Aren’t Just ‘Small Adults’
When your child is sick or hurt, a pediatric provider is typically the better option for their care. Learn why.
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Signs of Seasonal Allergies in Kids
If cold-like symptoms happen at the same time each year, it may be seasonal allergies.
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Edible Marijuana Poisoning in Children
The number of marijuana edible exposures in children has increased drastically.
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Get to Know Dr. Amy Jean
Pediatric endocrinologist Dr. Jean has a passion for empowering families.
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