Infectious Diseases

The Division of Infectious Diseases provides consultation in the diagnosis and management of infectious diseases in children – especially recurrent, rare, or difficult to treat infections, including HIV/AIDS.

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In just a few steps, you can book your child’s next appointment with a UPMC Children’s specialist at any time. 

In just a few steps, you can book your child’s next appointment with a UPMC Children’s infectious disease specialist at any time.

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Consultative services are provided for children with:

Physicians also conduct follow-up for children admitted to Children's Hospital for infections. In addition, they assist in the laboratory diagnosis of infections and in the selection of therapeutic and preventive strategies including antimicrobials, vaccines, and immunoglobulins. Consultation is available for international travelers.

Research and Clinical Studies

As a nationally recognized research center, UPMC Children’s Hospital’s Division of Infectious Diseases participates in the latest clinical studies, which involve human volunteers and are intended to add to our medical understanding.

Referral Requirements

Referrals are not required from primary care physicians or other Children’s Hospital specialty services. Referrals for patients enrolled in managed care insurance plans may require authorization from the insurance provider and primary care physician. We strongly recommend that you consult with your primary physician to ensure that a visit to the Infectious Disease clinic will be beneficial for your child. In addition, notes and lab results should be sent from your primary physician’s office to our clinic before the visit so we can provide the best care for your child. All necessary referral and authorization forms must be received before the patient’s visit. For accurate provider numbers or more information, please call the office number listed.