Health Library

For Parents and Families: A Guide to Your Child's Health

Our Children's Health Library for Parents and Families includes articles, decision-making tools, and more on topics such as:

  • Childhood diseases and health problems
  • Healthy eating for children
  • Vaccines
  • Depression in kids and teens

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Helping Patients, Parents, and Families Learn About Health and Wellness

At UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, we provide more than outstanding care.

We also connect our patients and their loved ones to resources to help:

  • Learn about certain health problems.
  • Provide some sense of comfort.
  • Lead happier, healthier lives.

Our health libraries are just one of the trusted resources we offer to kids, teens, and parents.

Explore our helpful articles, health tools, and more.

For Kids: A Fun Way to Learn About Your Health and Body

Our Kids Health Library has fun games, movies, and activities on topics such as:

  • How the body works.
  • Staying healthy and safe.
  • Dealing with feelings.

You'll also find answers to “icky” questions like “What Happens if I Swallow a Bug?” and “Why Do Feet Stink?”

For Teens: A Discrete Way to Find Answers to Your Health Questions

Our Teens Health Library features topics like:

  • Body image and self-esteem.
  • Sexual health.
  • Food and fitness.
  • Drugs and alcohol.

You'll also find quizzes, recipes, and answers to those often-uneasy questions about your changing body.

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