Living Donor Champion

Living Donor Transplant: A Journey You Don’t Make Alone

If your child is in need of a liver transplant, a living donor transplant may be the lifesaving solution to getting him or her off of the waiting list and back to being a kid. However, asking someone to become a living donor for your child, if you are not a match, can be an emotional and overwhelming task. A living donor Champion may be a friend, family member, co-worker, or anyone else who is willing to provide emotional support for you and your child during the living donor process.

A Champion’s role includes:

  • Helping you find a living donor before your child’s liver disease has progressed to a severe stage
  • Offering support by taking on the responsibility of finding a donor, allowing you to focus on your child
  • Connecting and talking with as many people as possible so that an appropriate match can be found
  • Providing guidance and inspiration through this difficult journey

Meet Living Donor Champions

Read more about Living Donor Champions who have used social media to find living donors for their loved ones.

Resources for Parents and Living Donor Champions

When a relative or family friend is not a medical match and you are faced with the task of finding a donor for a child in need, social media can be a helpful resource.

View our social media resources guide to learn more.

Learn more about the living donation process and what it takes to become a donor.

UPMC and Donate Life America Partnership

UPMC has teamed up with Donate Life America to raise awareness of living donation for kidney and liver transplants.

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