Sedraniq Holt – Lacerated Pancreas

Learn more about  Sedraniq's experience with the Trauma Team at Children's Hospital.

In April 2009, Sedraniq Holt was riding her bicycle with friends in her Erie, Pa., neighborhood when she fell, her abdomen hitting the handlebars. Startled by the crash, Sedraniq retreated inside complaining of stomach pains to her mother, Neverlee. After several hours Sedraniq’s pain worsened and her abdomen became visibly bruised. 

Following evaluation at a local community hospital, Sedraniq was transferred to Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC’s Pediatric Trauma Center for treatment and care. Physicians determined Sedraniq lacerated her pancreas and needed to immediately undergo surgery. Nearly half of her pancreas was removed. 

After surgery, Sedraniq was moved to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit for recovery. Unable to tolerate solid foods at first, she ate only Popsicles® and liquids, slowly progressing to eating through a nasogastric tube. Two weeks after her arrival at Children’s Hospital, Sedraniq went home. 

“I’m truly amazed by the care Sedraniq and our family received at Children’s. The nurses and doctors were always rooting for her throughout her recovery,” says Neverlee. Today, Sedraniq enjoys playing softball and soccer, and Neverlee continues to cheer for her daughter from the sidelines. 

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