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Thank you for your interest in volunteering at UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh.

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If you have questions, view our Frequently Asked Questions about volunteering at UPMC Children's or contact us to learn more.

Application Schedule

Due to the volume of applications that we receive on an ongoing basis, we have developed an annual application schedule. This schedule is based on type of volunteer (adult, college, or teen) for when we will be accepting applications for review.

Seasonal volunteer applications are only accepted during the following dates:

  • Summer – March 1 to April 3
  • Fall – July 15 to September 5
  • Winter/Spring – November 15 to January 5
    • Please note, we are currently still accepting ongoing application inquires for the COVID-19 Entrance Screener assignment. See below for more information about how to apply for this volunteer assignment.

Application Process

Before you begin the application process, it is important that you read Considerations to Volunteering at Children's Hospital (PDF).

Next, follow these steps to complete your application:

Application – Now Open (for Entrance Screener assignment only)

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, a phased-approach for the return of volunteers at UPMC Children's is currently limited for the Winter/Spring 2020-21 enrollment period to one assignment: Entrance Screener.

If you are interested in applying for this volunteer role please review the following eligibility requirements and information regarding this assignment:

  • You must be between ages 18-65
  • In community for 14 days prior to starting (No exposure to anyone with COVID-19 resulting in isolation for 14 days)
  • No other underlying health risks and/or symptoms
  • Complete all UPMC Children's volunteer requirements (application, references, clearances, immunizations, required forms and attend a New Volunteer Orientation training session)
  • Must be able to commit to a minimum of a once-per-week assignment shift.

The primary purpose and role of the Entrance Screener assignment is to protect patients, staff, and visitors from unnecessary COVID-19 exposure by ensuring that everyone entering the building has been screened, wears a mask, and should be in the building. Training for this assignment will take place on the volunteer's start date, after completing all of the on-boarding requirements and a New Volunteer Orientation.

If you are eligible and interested in this assignment, please contact one of our Volunteer Coordinators to inquire and get more information about the application process.

Form Requirements

After completing the online application and have two non-relatives complete the reference form on your behalf, the following additional requirements must be completed prior to being contacted for an interview.


Submit required clearances by email or drop off at the Welcome/Information Center (Clearances can be accessed or provided by a Volunteer Coordinator):

Note: If you have received your clearances within the past year and can provide them for our records, you will not need to complete the steps above for clearances.

Health and Immunization Screenings

Submit appropriate health and immunization screening documents by email or drop off at the Welcome/Information Center. We require the following immunizations:

  • Tuberculosis (TB) – What kind of TB test will be accepted? All new volunteers must provide us with documentation of one of the following to satisfy the TB requirement:
    • A Quantiferon Gold Blood Test – One time, available and administered by UPMC Children's or UPMC MyHealth@Work Center.
    • PPD Skin 2-Step Skin Test – Two separate shot/placements (no less than 21 days apart) and have arm read each time by a certified medical professional within 48 to 72 hours (2 to 3 days). This is essentially a four-step process.
  • Tdap – Must be from within the past 10 years.
  • Flu Shot – When you volunteer between December 1 to March 30, the flu shot is required.

Note: If you have not had a recent TB test or Flu Shot, they can be done at UPMC Children’s and/or UPMC employee health offices at no additional cost. Contact us for more information.


We will contact you for an interview once we receive all the above requirements.

During the interview, we will discuss your availability and interests and volunteer assignments available.

Contact UPMC Children's Volunteer Services

To learn more about Volunteer Services at UPMC Children's, call 412-692-5185 or email

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