Patient Procedures

The procedure sheets below have been designed to help parents and guardians and their children to better understand the anesthesiology procedures that have been scheduled by a physician. Please select the procedure below to view or download a printable version.

  • General Anesthesia – makes your child’s whole body go to sleep and is needed for certain tests and surgeries so that his or her reflexes will be completely relaxed
  • General Anesthesia with Caudal Anesthesia – in addition to the general anesthesia, your child will receive caudal (COD-ool) anesthesia, which will give pain relief in the area below the waist
  • Parental Presence at Induction of Anesthesia – this policy was created to reduce the anxiety levels of children who are having anesthesia for a test, surgery or other medical procedure
  • Procedural Sedation – your child will be given medication to make him or her very drowsy and relaxed during the procedure for when your child does not need to be sound asleep for the procedure, but needs to be very calm for it