Pediatric Autoinflammatory Diseases Center at UPMC Children's

If your child has systemic autoinflammatory diseases (SAIDs) or periodic fever syndromes, we can help.

The Pediatric Autoinflammatory Diseases Center (PADC) at UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh offers:

  • Expert guidance in diagnosing and treating these conditions.
  • State-of-the-art genetic and immune testing.
  • A team approach to your child's care.

Why Choose UPMC Children's for SAIDs Care?

Our expertise

SAIDs are rare, so it's vital to choose doctors trained in diagnosing and treating these conditions. Kader Cetin Gedik, MD, PADC director, has extensive experience in the diagnosis and long-term management of these complex diseases.

Finding the right SAID center for your child may:

  • Prevent delays in diagnosis.
  • Decrease hospital stays.
  • Increase access to genetic testing and counseling, as well as treatment.

Our team approach to SAIDs care

As we work toward a diagnosis, we may refer you to other UPMC Children's Hospital experts in:

We also partner closely with:

Refer a Patient to the PADC at UPMC Children's Hospital

Ask your child’s doctor to refer them to us by calling 412-692-5081. They'll need to provide all related health records, including prior genetic testing if done.

They can fax your child's health records to 412-692-5054. Upon receipt of your child's records, we'll review them and let your child's referring doctor know if we can see them.

Your child will have their initial visit and yearly follow-up visits in-person at the PADC in Pittsburgh. For out of state residents, we offer the option of video visits in between yearly in-person visits