Pediatric Dermatologists and Staff

Douglas Kress, MD

Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Dermatology, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
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Katherine Marks, DO

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Physician Assistants

Jaime Durzo, PA-C
Courtney Edmondson, PA-C
Rachel Gaber, PA-C
Kateryna Koceklo, PA-C
Amy Lowe, PA-C
Lauren Mytrysak, PA-C

Other Medical Providers

The other members of our medical care team may include dermatology residents and pediatric residents from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Medical Education program, medical students from the University of Pittsburgh or physician assistant students from Chatham College. We follow an academic patient appointment model whereby our new patients are initially seen by a member of our medical care team member and then seen by the attending pediatric dermatologist. Return patients, depending upon the diagnosis, may be seen by the physician assistant, or by one of our medical team members and the attending pediatric dermatologist.